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Lease Addendum Templates

A lease addendum is attached to an original lease and provides a change or adds more information about a specific matter to the agreement. An addendum is commonly referenced as an “amendment” if the page is added to the lease after the original lease signing date, although both addendums and amendments perform the same function.

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What is a Lease Addendum?

A lease addendum is added to a signed lease agreement that amends or expands on its terms and conditions. For example, the landlord may require an addendum at the start of the lease that includes the property rules related to pets.

Addendum vs Amendment

An addendum is added at the signing of the original lease.

An amendment is added after the signing of the original lease.

How to Add an Addendum to a Lease

Step 1 – Find the Original Lease

Gather the original lease and read its terms and conditions. If the lease is going to be extended, for example, lookup the specific section for referencing when writing the addendum. For example, if the end date is July 31, the addendum should reference that the end date will be extended for a specific period with a new end date.

Step 2 – Write the Addendum

Now that the terms that need to be changed are located, it is time to write the addendum. Include the names and mailing addresses of both parties (landlord and tenant) and include a reference to the original agreement by referencing its date. The amendments to the lease should be entered with language that states all other terms and conditions will remain in effect.

Step 3 – Sign and Attach to the Lease

Once complete, the lease addendum should be sent to both parties for signature. Once signed, the addendum is attached to the original lease.

Sample – Lease Addendum

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word, OpenDocument