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Security Deposit Return Letter – Template

A security deposit return letter is included with the remaining security deposit amount sent back to the tenant after their lease has completed. The landlord will inspect the premises looking for any damage and, if any is found, it cost for the repairs will be deducted from the security deposit and itemized in the return letter. After the lease has ended, the tenant should give notice to the landlord of their forwarding address to send the letter and remaining funds.

Laws By State

StateReturning PeriodStatute
 Alabama60 days§ 35-9A-201(b)
 Alaska14 days if a month-to-month lease, 30 days if a standard lease.AS 34.03.070(g)
 Arizona14 days§33-1321(D)
 Arkansas60 days§18-16-305
 California21 days§1950.5(g)
 Colorado30 daysC.R.S. 38-12-103
 Connecticut30 days after lease termination or 15 days after the landlord receives the tenant’s forwarding address§47a-21(d)
 Delaware20 daysTit. 25 § 5514(e)
 Florida15 days§83-49(3)(a)
 Georgia30 days§ 44-7-34
 Hawaii14 days§521-44(c)
 Idaho30 days§ 6-321
 Illinois30 days765 ILCS 710
 Indiana45 days§ 32-31-3-12
 Iowa30 days§ 562A.12.3.a
 Kansas30 days§ 58-2550(b)
 Kentucky60 days§ 383.580
 Louisiana30 daysR.S. §  9:3251
 Maine21 days§ 6033
 Maryland45 days§ 8–203
 Massachusetts30 daysch. 186, §15B(4)
 Michigan45 days§554.613(1)
 Minnesota21 days§ 504B.178
 Mississippi45 days§ 89-8-21
 Missouri30 days§ 535.300.3
 Montana30 days§ 70-25-202
 Nebraska14 days§ 76-1416(2)
 Nevada30 days§118A.242.4
 New Hampshire30 days§540-A:7
 New Jersey30 days§46:8-21.1
 New Mexico30 days§47-8-18-C
 New York14 daysReal Prop. § 7-108(e)
 North Carolina30 days§42-52
 North Dakota30 days§47-16-07.1
 Ohio30 days§5321.16
 Oklahoma45 days§ 41-115
 Oregon31 days§ 90.300
 Pennsylvania30 days§ 250.512
 Rhode Island20 days§ 34-18-19(b)
 South Carolina30 days§ 27-40-410
 South Dakota14 days§43-32-24
 Tennessee60 days§ 66-29-301
 Texas30 days§ 92.103
 Utah30 days§57-17-3
 Vermont14 days§ 4461
 Virginia45 days§ 55.1-1226
 Washington21 days§59.18.270
Washington D.C.45 days§ 14-309.1
West VirginiaNone§37-6A-2
 Wisconsin21 days§ 704.28
 Wyoming30 days§ 1-21-1208