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Move-in Checklist (Landlord-Tenant Inspection)

A move-in checklist provides a written statement of the condition of the property by requiring both the landlord and tenant to inspect the premises. This is required in 17 States only if the landlord requires a security deposit in the lease. The move-in checklist helps protect the tenant from their security deposit being wrongfully deducted to damages that did not occur during the tenant’s time on the property.

Required States (17)

The following States require that a landlord provide a move-in checklist to the tenant to be completed prior to move-in, or shortly thereafter, are (see table):

Arizona§ 33-1321(C)
 Georgia§ 44-7-33
 Hawaii§ 521-42(6)
Kansas§ 58-2548
 Kentucky§ 383.580(2)
 Maryland§  8-203.1(a)
 MassachusettsChapter 186, Section 15B(2)(b)
 Michigan§ 554.608
 Montana§ 70-25-206
NevadaNRS 118A.200(k)
New HampshireRSA 540-A:6(I)(c)
 North Dakota§ 47-16-07.2
 Oregon (Portland ONLY)§ 30.01.087(D)(1)
 Utah§ 57-22-4(3)
Virginia§ 55.1-1214
Washington§ 59.18.260
Wisconsin§ 134.06