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Kansas Rent-to-Own Lease Agreement

A Kansas lease-to-own lease agreement works similar to a standard rental contract, but it contains one notable difference: the tenant may opt to purchase the property they occupy on a rental basis by exercising the document’s buy clause. Prior to entering the agreement, the landlord and tenant must define the period in which the tenant may elect to buy the real estate or refuse the offer within reason. Limiting the window to a brief timeframe alleviates any pressure for the tenant to decide immediately. Instead, they can maintain a tenancy in the property under a rental contract for some time prior to the purchase period (known as the “Option Term”).

Seller Disclosures

The following disclosure forms are required in the State of Kansas.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Homes built before the year 1978 must contain a disclosure revealing any lead-based paint used on the premises upon said property’s purchase and sale.

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Seller Property Condition Disclosure Statement – Sellers of residential property must relay information about the material condition of the premises to the buyer. This disclosure is extensive and must be filled out in full in accordance with Kansas law (KS Stat. Ann. 58-30,106).

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